Improve Communication Confidence

Friend, I’m a fan of transparency so I’d like to share something with you. Communication confidence did not come easy for me. Although my needs were provided for by my family, I didn’t grow up feeling like I had it all figured out like my peers seemed to act. Luckily, I made choices early on to surround myself with people who were confident. I learned that to improve my communication confidence takes work.

What I did to Improve Communication Confidence

With this knowledge, I rolled up my sleeves and started listening to and reading everything I could on confidence and leadership. In time, I began to put what I learned to use. What I learned about confidence naturally flowed into improving my communication confidence. By this, I mean the confidence you have when communicating in both business and social settings. This is how I was able to land the top jobs in the field of speech-language pathology with less experience than other candidates. I owe this to mindset work. 

Why it worked

Your mindset is the beliefs that influence or shape the way you think.  And your thoughts affect how you feel and what you do. Your mindset determines what you spend your time on and this can be positive or negative. In my American Accent program, mindset work is a daily part of improving your accent and communication confidence. But building a positive mindset takes time and effort, like everything.

What you can do to improve Communication Confidence

This list I’ve created is to inspire you and help you grow not only in self-confidence, but to improve your communication confidence as a result. It’s my great privilege to share these books on mindset, confidence and leadership with you. I hope they deepen your understanding of the work it takes to get where you want to go. Trust me, it’s worth it! Here are just a few, but you can see my full list on my Pinterest page. If you want tips for improving your accent, check out my Top 5 Tips. Happy mindsetting my friend!

Books to help improve communication confidence

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