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Is Your Accent Keeping You

from Reaching Your Goals?

Let’s improve it so you can

Communicate with Confidence!

MIchelle Bianchi, Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Michelle Bianchi

I’m a certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Accent Coach who has met many non-native speakers of English with a big problem.

They want to move ahead in their career and personal life — but their accent is holding them back.

They get frustrated when people don’t understand them, get turned down for promotions, and don’t feel confident when they speak. So I help them fix that. 

If this is you…

  • You need to reach a specific goal which may be personal or professional but has been blocked partly or wholly by your foreign accent and communication skills. This includes career advancement and/or salary increase.
  • You need to reach a specific goal faster because, let’s be honest, competition is tough out there in the corporate environment.
  • You want to improve relationships with customers, patients, partners, and clients on a professional level, and other individuals on a social level. Think professional networking here.
  • You want to clearly and effectively pitch and sell an idea or product, diagnose and treat (and earn the trust of) your patients, discuss confidential and weighty issues with business partners and clients, and interact comfortably with coworkers and other adults in social environments. In other words, being liked by and connecting with others is important to you, but your accent has been a major obstacle.

…we’re here to help!

Master the American English Accent

Push through the barriers that interfere with your professional and personal goals.

If your foreign accent is in the way, then you’re not living your best life.

But we can fix that.

Let’s Improve Your Accent

Communicato uses a three-step process to improve your American English accent and increase your communication confidence.

1. Makeover your Mindset

We give you tools to help you focus on your lesson, improve your confidence, and empower you to succeed.

2. Perfect your Pronunciation

We teach you how to hear your speech errors and then change them to sound like a native speaker of American English.

3. Focus your Fluency

We show you the why and how of fluent speech so you’re not misunderstood, or sound abrupt and rude.

What people are saying about Communicato

Start sounding like a native

When you’re a member at Communicato, we provide you with a world class training program:

  • The top all-in-one program for improving confidence, pronunciation, and fluency together because efficiency is paramount
  • Over 18 years of research on 47 of the world’s languages so it’s evidence-based
  • Virtual self-paced learning or one-on-one private coaching from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop so it’s convenient
  • The most efficient and effective method, in as little as 30 minutes a day so you get results quickly

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