About Communicato

Communicato helps people reach their professional and personal goals by teaching them how to communicate with confidence.

Coaching Confident Communication

Communicato focuses on the thing that matters most to non-native speakers of English — confident communication.

Built on a foundation of speech therapy, Communicato was created to help with other barriers to communication like foreign accent and apprehensive speech.

We help non-native speakers of English improve their American accent to sound more natural, fluent, and poised when they speak.

Michelle Bianchi, MS, CCC-SLP, C-PESL

Founder & CEO

Starting Communicato

In 2005, I found my love for foreign accent coaching while completing research under a grant from the National Institutes of Health at the University of South Florida. I worked with non-native speakers of American English to better understand how there pronunciation differed from native speakers of American English.

That experience led me into the professional world of speech improvement where I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their pronunciation and learn to speak with confidence.

In my experience, I have encountered many colleagues with a foreign accent who struggle professionally and personally. Their accent creates a communication barrier that keeps them from landing jobs, getting promoted, inspiring clients, communicating with patients, and networking.

I saw a need to help these people and used all of my professional experience to found Communicato. Now, I love using my experience to inspire the busy professional to spend some of their valuable time on personal and professional growth.

Communicate with Confidence

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