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Self-Study Membership

Improve your pronunciation, fluency, and confidence with our virtual video course, anywhere, any time, on any device.

  • A Free One-on-One Coaching Session
  • 12 Lessons (36 modules), 30 minutes each
  • Improve the 24 most common foreign accent error patterns
  • Mindset Makeover coaching to empower you and improve your confidence
  • Fluency coaching to improve your rhythm and flow
  • Access to our members only, private online community and networking group
  • Quizzes to measure your understanding
  • Easily cancel anytime with one click
Self-Study Monthly Membership
  • Or $197 for a year, that’s 40% off the monthly rate, you save $127!
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Feedback Membership

Speed up your learning and receive personalized feedback from an accent coach on how to improve your pronunciation for all 24 sounds.

  • Everything included in the Self-Study Membership
  • Personalized feedback on your performance via voice recordings
  • Feedback from your accent coach for all 24 sounds
  • Enhanced experience with customized strategies
  • Greater level of accountability to keep you on track
  • Increased efficiency and rate of learning to get you faster results

Feedback Monthly Membership
  • Or $647 for a year, that’s 20% off the monthly rate, you save $161!
One-On-One Membership

Virtually meet face-to-face with your own private accent coach (12 sessions) for a completely customized experience.

  • At least 50% improvement guaranteed or your money back
  • Full accent assessment
  • Completely customized program targeting your exact errors to get you the fastest results
  • 12 face-to-face virtual private coaching sessions, one hour each
  • The best, most efficient approach to accent modification
  • Plus everything included in Self-Study Membership
One-on-One Membership
Three installments of
  • Or one installment of $1997


How do I know which program is right for me?

Self-Study: for those who want to work at their own pace. The format is video, and each lesson is 30 minutes. You can watch all at once or divide into 10-minute, bite-sized lessons.

Feedback: for those who want faster results by getting personalized feedback from an accent coach. Feedback is based on your recorded speech sample, completed on our website when it’s convenient for you. Within two business days, your accent coach will email you feedback on how to improve your performance. The format is video, and each lesson is 30 minutes. You can watch all at once or divide into 10-minute, bite-sized lessons.

One-on-One: for those who want the fastest and greatest improvement, a completely customized, private experience with guaranteed results of 50% improvement or greater! A full accent assessment is included to determine your exact errors. Hour-long coaching sessions are conducted via private virtual meeting for 12 weeks. A final assessment is completed to measure your improvement. You still gain access to the 12-week video course as well as the 12 private sessions.

How does the 7-day free trial work?

For seven days, you get access to week of pronunciation, fluency, and mindset lessons, a free one-on-one session with Michelle, and our members only private Facebook group where you can interact with the Communicato Community and network. If you like the program and want to continue your membership, simply sign up via an email link we’ll send.

How long is the course?

The course is 12 weeks.

What’s the difference between Communicato’s Accent Course and an English course?

Communicato’s Accent Course teaches you native pronunciation and fluency techniques. It’s designed for those already fluent in English, but want to now learn proper pronunciation, stress, intonation and connected speech. An English course teaches you vocabulary and grammar of the English language.

I learned English several years ago. Can I still improve my accent?

Yes! Research has shown that experienced speakers can still improve pronunciation. Our teaching method is based on this research.

What is the lesson format?

The lessons are delivered via our website in video format. Each lesson is 30 minutes but are subdivided into 10-minute, bite-sized lessons so you can fit them in when you have a little spare time. Our members love this feature because it makes learning and practicing super-convenient. The more convenient it is to practice, the more likely you will do it! If you choose the One-on-One private coaching method, your lessons will be customized, virtual, face-to-face private meetings; however, you’ll still have full access to the 12 video lessons.  

How long does it take to see improvement?

The course is designed to build on your skills each week, for 12 weeks. Each lesson takes a week to complete when you practice 30 minutes daily. It’s designed for you to see improvement each week.

Is this course for any native language?

Yes! The course targets the 24 most commonly errored sounds produced by non-native speakers across 47 of the world’s languages. Plus, Communicato targets the most important features of native-sounding speech including stress, intonation and connected speech.  

If you choose the One-on-One course, your exact error sounds will be determined. That’s why the One-on-One course is the fastest path and guaranteed results version of the course.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel any time with one click in your account section of the website.

What is the refund policy for the Self-study and Feedback programs?

Because our course is electronic, it can’t be “returned”. Communicato, LLC has a no refunds policy.

If you’re a monthly member, you may cancel any future payments as long as you cancel prior to the next payment.

There will be no partial (or prorated) refunds on monthly or annual payments. Cancellations will be effective once the cancellation request has processed.  

If you cancel and then decide to rejoin again at a later time, you will restart the program from the point where you left off and be reinstated at the current rate at the time of purchase, regardless of any special offers or discounts you received in the past.

What is the refund policy for the One-on-One program?

Communicato guarantees an increase in American English pronunciation accuracy of at least 50% between your initial and final accent assessment when the course is complete and supported by daily practice as specifically instructed by the accent coach or we will give you your money back. You are responsible for showing up for your session and practicing and we’ll do the rest to get you the best and fastest results!